One Nation One election will be beneficial for the students, says NCPR

20 Sep, 2018
One Nation One Election

One Nation One Election – The recommendation of the proposal given by NCPCR on Monday states “one nation one election”. According to it, the involvement of the teachers in multiple polls would be stopped and they will concentrate more on the academic growth of the students.

Priyank Kanungo, who is the member of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, quoted that these elections are for the betterment of the children.

The desk review pertaining to the execution of Section 27 which states about Right to Education Act and also the indulgence of the teacher in non educational events was taken by the National Commission.

With the help of the relevant data and reports, the commission has examined that the students are not getting the requited time of the teachers for their academic growth and this is due to the involvement of teachers in the activities of election.

As per the NCPCR report, the resources and infrastructure of the schools are also used at the time of elections and the activities will long for at least 10 days per election.

NCPCR further stated, “Every single child should get all the fundamental rights and it is our collective responsibility.” It has also inclined its recommendations on Election Commission to pay heed towards the rights of the children.

As per the NCPCR report, “Keeping in mind, the current debate on ‘one nation, one election’, it is requested to contribute towards the fundamental rights of the children.”

Kanungo also focused on the points of its recommendations and stated that the children will have to suffer a lot during the elections.

He further quoted, “A state provides children two rights – building of schools and hiring teachers. When the situation of multiple polls arises, the teachers will get engaged in election duties and this will lead to the children’s loss on education front. The proposal of “One nation one election” will alleviate the causes responsible for mishandling the education resources for children.”

The data analysis of the report says that total 47.3 lakh teachers are employed in government schools and 15.14 per cent out of them have taken the charge of booth level officers in the year 2015-16.

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