No more bullying in Delhi Schools, says Delhi government

24 Jan, 2019
No more bullying in Delhi Schools

NOIDA – Delhi government has constituted a high-level committee to design the policies against bullying and ragging instances in Delhi-based schools. The government has also ordered to frame a mechanism to execute these policies as soon as possible.

The schools have also been instructed to circulate among the students that bullying is not permitted in the school premises and the school authority would leave no such incident unpunished and unnoticed. It should be posted on the notice board as well as published in school magazine.

The government has taken this initiative to establish a learning and friendly environment in schools confirming that no bullying or ragging incidents prevail within the premises. As per an official order issued by Directorate of Education (DoE), the respectful relationship should be maintained between school administration, students, and their parents/ guardians.

The standing committee likely to be framed will consist of the senior DoE officials to fabricate the policies against bullying in Delhi schools. Monitoring the proper execution of the policies in all the schools will also be the responsibility of the committee.

Also, the committee will be looking after putting all the cases of bullying to an end with a logical conclusion.

This committee will also act as grievance handling cell to manage all bullying and ragging complaints. It will also be the duty of committee to convey the complaint to concerned authority with a recommendation of action. The government will act as the regulatory body to monitor the committee’s performance through frequent reports sent by the officials.

As a parallel body of childcare helpline, the government is also concerned for making an anti-bullying helpline. It must operate secretly, liberally, and remotely to counsel the distressed students and entertain the bullying complaints. As per the order, it will be a common TFN (Toll-free Number).

The government is also planning to install a compliant/ suggestion box in all the schools and the committee will be keeping a vigil eye on box inputs. The issues seeking attention will be discussed and addressed accordingly.

The order also alleged, “all the students will be made aware of the democratic values, human rights, right to quality, dignity for others, and respect for privacy.”

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