NHRC Instructs State Government to Submit a Report on Manipur University Midnight Raid

15 Oct, 2018
Manipur University Midnight Raid

NHRC or the National Human Right Commission has instructed the Manipur Government to provide a report pertaining to the midnight raid that was initiated inside the campus of Manipur University on September 20. The Government has to submit the report within the four weeks.

The commission has given the warning to the authorities for invoking ‘coercive process’ against them that come under the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, section 13 for personal appearance in case it will not get the report as per the given time.

NHRC published the directive when the human rights activists from Tamil Nadu, Henri Tiphagne, quoted them about the incident of raid in the campus of Manipur University and lodged the complaint for the same.

Manipur Police has conducted a mass raid in the midnight at the campus of MU on September 20. In this raid, about 90 teachers and students were arrested and among them 10 were badly hurt when tear gas was fired by the forces. Not only this, the police also tried mock bombs at the students.

This raid was held following the FIR that was registered by Prof. K Yugindro, who acted as the pro-vice-chancellor of the university for a small period of time. In his complaint, he put allegations on the teachers and students stating that they stopped him from joining the office and manhandled him. As a consequence, the raid was happened and about 15 students and teachers were put behind the bar. The charges like attempt to murder, kidnapping etc were lodged against them.

On October 11, the Manipur High Court has taken the move of suspending Yugindro from the position of pro-vice-chancellor and selected Jarnail Singh, the former chief secretary of Manipur to serve as the vice-chancellor of the Manipur University. The reason why court has intervened into the matter is the inability of the concerned authorities of MU to resolve the issue on their own and put end to the prevailing varsity crisis.

As Yugindro was not satisfied with this move, he has challenged the high court order and filed a petition of special leave in the Supreme Court.

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