Newly Appointed DUSU President Denies the Allegation of Documents Forging

19 Sep, 2018
Newly Appointed DUSU President Denies the Allegation of Documents Forging

Newly appointed DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya – The allegations that the new appointed president of DUSU or Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) Ankiv Baisoya has submitted false documents in the PG admission course could drag him into the big trouble. Currently, Ankiv is the representative of ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) which is affiliated by BJP.

On the flip side, Mr Baisoya has denied all the allegations on him and contradicted the matter of false documents. He stated that the documents were scrutinized properly by the university officials before admission and they were not fake or false.

However, Dr P Asokan, the Examination Controller of Thiruvalluvar University in Vellore, has denied the admission of the student in the name of Ankiv Baisoya in the university and declared that the certificate is false. He further added, “No student of this identity has ever studied at our university or its more than 100 affiliated colleges. We are not accountable for fictitious centers that are issuing certificates in our name.

NSUI or the Congress-backed National Students’ Union of India stood up against the ABVP’s representative and filed the written claim, “The certificate of Mr Ankiv Baisoya has been found false post scrutiny of the documents. It is indeed the fictitious document.”

Mr Baisoya has given the mark sheet and certificate copy to NDTV officials as evidence. He further stated that he will definitely file a defamation case against NSUI and clarified that all the certificates wrere submitted to the university. He also emphasized the media officials to get in touch with the university for conforming it.

ABVP leaders have expressed their views on this issue stating that NSUI is raising the allegations for the sake of propaganda. One of the ABVP representatives further said, “Delhi University reserves the right to check the documents and certificates of all DUSU office bearers and not only Ankiv to put an end to the rumors in future.”

ABVP has grabbed three posts in the students Union elections of Delhi University including, including the position of DUSU President.

Mr Ankiv Baisoya won the position of DUSU President with a margin of 1,744 votes and Shakti Singh of ABVP was posted as the vice president when he won with a margin of 7,673 votes.

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