Mumbai University to start MA in European Cultures

07 Aug, 2019
Mumbai University to start MA in European Cultures

Mumbai University is going to offer an MA in European Cultures. The students will soon be able to apply for a unique course at Mumbai University (MU) called Master Cle (Masters in literary European cultures). After completing the first 2 semesters, the student will complete the next 2 semesters in Europe. The course will help those looking to become inter-cultural facilitators for organizations in India and create qualified Indian teachers who can teach these languages here, said Vidya Vencatesan, in charge director of the centre.

Mumbai University, through its Centre for European Studies, has become the only university in Asia to become a part of an international consortium of eight universities in the world to offer the course.  The two-year programme will offer an integrated MA-MPhil degree, where MU will offer French and Italian besides the English language. The enrollment for students will start once the programme is vetted by the UGC and other bodies. The classes are expected to start next year.

While the Centre for European Studies was inaugurated in July 2017 to co-ordinate the new international programme to be taught in eight universities in the world together, the centre received approval for separation from the Board of Latin, Greek and European Studies only in the Academic Council meeting held last month. The Centre has been created to promote Indian languages in Europe and European languages in India.

The other universities which are part of this consortium include University of Bologna, University of Mulhouse, University of Strasbourg, University of Lisboa, University of Thessaloniki, University of Moscow and University of Dakkar.

Any graduate student with a C1 level of French and B1 level of Italian is eligible to apply for the course. “It is a multiple degree programme, where a student can receive a degree from maximum of three universities that he or she attends as part of this four semester programme supported by the European Union. The main co-ordinator is Bologna,” said Vencatesan.

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