Mumbai University Suffers For Discrepancy in the Results of 35,000 Students

18 Oct, 2018
Mumbai University Suffers For Discrepancy in the Results of 35,000 Students

According to the RTS Query for 2017 results of Mumbai University, there were approximately 35,000 students that were mistakenly announced as failed by the varsity. After this incident, these students have initiated the revaluation process through the concerned department and later on they were given the passing grades. There were around 97000 students who had initiated the revaluation of their score and result. As an outcome, there were more than 1.81 lakh answer sheets for revaluation.

Mumbai University has to suffer alot last year when there was the delay in results by more than 2 months. Last year, the university management had decided the online uploading of the answer sheets and calculating the marks digitally. As there were some technical glitches and also the shortage of faculty in the varsity, the result announcement was very much delayed. The students get more irate with further errors in the result post declaration.

According to the sources, there were total 97,313 applicants who have initiated for revaluation owing to their dissatisfaction with the status of the result as fail. With this, the record of the largest number of students reported for revaluation of their result was made. The students were highly disappointed with this kind of error from the end of the university officials.

When it comes to the numbers, one in every three students had initiated for revaluation. The results were announced on time this year by the university but as far the evaluation process of the varsity is concerned, there is the shadow of doubt and the university is yet to make efforts to clean its image.
The university has made the record of highest number of revaluations ad this has degraded its reputation. The shortage of efficient faculty could be the reason of such a blunder that has lead to the discrepancies in the result.

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