Mismanagement hits DU School of Open Learning: A Student Organization Complains

02 Sep, 2019
Mismanagement hits DU School of Open Learning: A Student Organization Complains

On Sunday, a student organization accused the centers of DU’s SOL (School of Open Learning) for mismanagement faced by the students who reached at various centers to attend the classes.

On this, CS Dubey, the director of SOL completely disagreed with all the allegations and said that everything was in place.

The Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) alleged that there was insufficient space for accommodating the students and hence, the students who visited BA (Hons) Political Science North Campus Study Centre and South Campus Study Centre had to return.

Their accusations added that despite receiving the messages for class commencement, most of the students were not allowed to even enter their respective centers.

The students, who were supposed to attend classes at Swami Shraddhanand College, didn’t find the class details for their chosen subjects from the new syllabus. KYS also mentioned that most of the students at various centers were intimated that classes will be organized from next week.

Hansraj College canceled the classes as the shooting of a Bollywood movie was scheduled on their campus, KYS reported. The extended the complaint details by stating that at the art faculty, students had to sit at window sills due to overcrowding while attending the classes for Political Science (Hons).

KYS also alleged that no study materials have been provided to the students till now.

On the contrary, Mr. Dubey said, “They did not receive any such complaints and classes went on smoothly. At many places, the orientation sessions were conducted by principals of colleges. The study material has been uploaded online.”

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