Manipur University VC Expresses Apologetic Gesture to Governor

11 Oct, 2018
Manipur University VC Expresses Apologetic Gesture to Governor

On October 10, an official from Raj Bhavan Acting informed that K Yugindro Singh, the vice-chancellor of the Manipur University has sent the apology to Governor Najma Heptulla for his statement of “overt support” given by the Governor to the protestors when there was a stir at the university.

He further added, “On October 8, the Vice Chancellor wrote to the Officer on Special Duty/secretary to the governor and expressed his apology for the “incorrect and inappropriate” remark.

On October 3, Mr Singh has sent a written statement to the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development claiming that Ms Najma Heptulla has raised questions on his taking role of Vice Chancellor of the central university and also exhibited her support in favor of the protestors.

VC K Yugindro Singh wrote in his apology letter, “I courteously express my humble and respectful gesture to the Hon’ble Governor of Manipur and want to apologize for my inadequate and inaccurate words leading to the breach of propriety and protocol that is pertained to the Governor.”

He further added that due to utmost mental strain, he was not able to clearly apprehend the questions raised by Ms Heptulla at the time of the meeting

He quoted, “I had unintentionally made inadequate and incorrect apprehension of the questions put by the governor.”

The university has been suffering with the disruptive issues since several months. After the prolonged strike of 85 days, the campus had opened on August 23. The intricacies inside the university began when the protestors had put allegations of financial and administrative loopholes on the then Vice Chancellor A P Pandey and also demanded for his removal.

Later, President Ram Nath Kovind had initiated an inquiry to look into the allegations raised by the protestors on the VC and till the time he would be under suspension.

After the suspension of A P Pandey, Mr Singh was selected as the acting Vice Chancellor of the university.

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