Manipur High Court Suspends Acting VC of Manipur University

12 Oct, 2018
Manipur High Court suspends acting VC of Manipur University

On October 11, the Manipur High Court has taken the move of suspension of the acting vice-chancellor and registrar of Manipur University. The court has selected the new VC to calm down the adverse situation in the campus of the university that has been prevailing since May 30.

Jarnail Singh, former state chief secretary, has been taken the charge of the new administrator that is the Vice Chancellor of the university according to the norms of Manipur University Act 2005.

The acting vice-chancellor of the university K Yugindro Singh and the acting registrar Shyamkesho were suspended.

A bench consisting of the justices N Kotishwar Singh and Kh Nobin Singh stated in its order that the appointment of Yugindro Singh shall remain suspended.

Yugindro Singh was selected as the acting Vice Chancellor by the then VC A P Pandey. Pandey was suspended by President Ram Nath Kovind last month for the accusations by the group of students.

Before this decision, the court has ordered the respondents to devise the ideas that can maintain the decorum of the varsity and fix the intricacies. As the respondents were not at all sincere about the matter and had not advised even a single way out, the court stated that they have to interfere in between the matter for the sake of normalcy.

The court made the clarity that it was more concerned to bring peace inside the university campus and not to find out the people who are the key cause of the incident.

The court has given the charge to Jarnail Singh to select the acting registrar and also appoint others that can advice assist him at the time of discharging his duties that include passing or revoking of any orders to control the adverse situation in the university and bring normalcy.

All the classes have been suspended in the campus since May 30. The demand put by the agitators was the removal of the VC owing to his alleged financial and administrative lapses.

Last month, President Kovind visited the campus of the central university and had suspended the then VC Mr Pandey till the time the inquiry of the allegations against him is undergoing.

On October 1, there were two PILs that were registered by the high court. As the content of the PILs and their nature were almost same, there was the concern of bringing instant normalcy in the university.

The court also quoted that it is the responsibility of the Union respondents to make sure that the suspension of A K Pandey will be continued since September 17 until the time the normal situation of the university will be retained.

The court has shown its concern about the disruptive situation in the university and stated it to be out of control as various teachers, students and staff are under custody and stated that the violence and prolonged disturbances in the university has worsen the situation.

The court also put its observation in the direction of the university’s role in making the situation normal is minimal. It further added that the court’s interruption should be the least when it comes to the management and administration of the universities.

The court further added that the state government also “intimated” about the violence in the campus, clash of the students with the police,  48-hour bandh, destruction of public properties etc.

The case took fire when on May 30 MISU or Manipur University Students’ Union started their protests against the VC A K Pandey and they were later supported by MUSA or Manipur University Staffs Association and MUTA or Manipur University Teachers Association.

The prolonged agitation of 85 days come to an end on August 16 when there was an agreement among the Union HRD ministry, the state government and the university and the normal situation had returned but for some time only.

However, on October 1, the situation was again aggravated when Pandey again joined the office and banned MUTA and MUSA.

On September 21, Yugindro Singh came to the university to join the office and was allegedly forced by the students and teachers to sign a letter. Later on, an FIR was lodged by him.

There was a midnight raid by the police on the same day that is September 21 in which about 89 students and teachers were arrested. The police has put 15 of them behind bars and the protestors are demanding to release them.

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