Manipur Board Declines the Aapplication to permit 11-year old boy to take up class 10th Exam

22 Oct, 2018
Manipur Board Declines the Aapplication to permit 11-year old boy to take up class 10th Exam

Noida 22nd October 2018: The authorities in the state of North East region get puzzled with a young boy’s application that was intended to take part in the board examination of class 10th and become the youngest one to do so. The application was forwarded to the Manipur Secondary Education Board.

The young boy, Isaac Paulallungmuan Vaiphei, who will touch the age of 11 years in November, aspires to give the board exam next March and become the youngest one from his state to do so.

But as per the regulations of BoSEM or Board of Secondary Education Manipur, the age of the student is supposed to be of 15 years as on April 1 of the year in which he or she appears in the board exam of class 10th.

Isaac is the eldest one among one sister and four brothers and is studying in Class 9 at a CBSE school in Churachandpur district headquarters.

He quoted that if Naina Jaiswal from Hyderabad can give the 10th board exam at the youngest age of 8, why not me. He further added that I wish to mark my presence as the youngest IAS from Manipur.

The family members had requested to the chairman of BoSEM to allow Isaac for appearing in the examination.

The father of the young boy, Genkholian Vaiphei, said that we have placed the request with the authorities pertaining to BoSEM to let him give the exam and make his dreams come true. However, the exact response is yet to receive.

A Joykumar Singh, BoSEM secretary quoted that this case is one of its kinds in Manipur and thus we require proper assistance from the authorities to take the deviation as the rules are against this.

He added that we are in the process of doing sincere analysis of the case by taking the consultation from the senior authorities and other state boards.

Isaac is an extraordinary student who have attained top ranking in his studies till Class 8. He also has the inclination towards the books and subjects of higher classes.

The principal of Mt Olive School, Kh Lianlanlalzuam Vaiphei said that he is indeed the brilliant student owing to his sharp skills to apprehend the things perfectly. Though he doesn’t seem sincere in the classes, he always gives the answers correctly that are asked by the teachers in the class.

H Paukhanmang, academic supervisor of Rayburn High School stated that the student is performing well in new school also and he is doing well in tests so far.

The last test result was announced on October 19. Issac was shifted to a new school of CBSE board where he is supposed to get registered for new board and ask for their approval to give the board exam of class 10th next year.

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