Malappuram School students collect relief materials of worth Rs. 3.5 Lakh for flood victims

30 Aug, 2019
Malappuram School students collect relief materials of worth Rs. 3.5 Lakh for flood victims

The students of MSM Higher Secondary School Kallingalparamba, Malappuram collected relief material of worth Rs. 3.5 Lakh and distributed the same among flood victims. It epitomizes their determination and solidarity. They distrusted the relief materials in the tribal areas of village Nilambur where the floods and landslides created the most menace kind of situation.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) members of this school’s Class 11 and Class 12 managed to collect 6.5 tons of food and necessary items (worth Rs. 3.5 lakh). They visited Nettikulum, Kumbalapara, Vaniyamphuza, Iruttukuthy, Thandankallu, Tharippapotti, Appankappu, and Thampurattikkallu to distribute the collected relief materials.

Haris KP, the teacher-in-charge of NSS at MSM Higher Secondary School said, “All the flood relief materials were collected by the students from their own houses and neighboring people. We distributed the stuff collected by them.”

MSM Higher Secondary School Kallingalparamba students went out of the way to help the flood victims, which is an appreciable effort.

Mr. Haris added to his statement by saying, “Children used Changadams (rafts) to cross the river and distribute the materials among people. It was the rarest of the rare instance when children came forward and took the initiative of collecting the relief materials for flood victims.”

The food kits comprising of various pulses, sugar, and rice were distributed among 750 flood-affected houses. The students distributed around 1001 food kits.

Out of the 100 people died in landslides and floods of Kerala, most of the casualties were recorded in Malappuram, the northern region of the state.

In the areas of Waynad, Kavalappara, and Puthumala where two villages were completely wiped out due to landslides, the corpses were located employing Ground Penetrating Radars. After finding more dead bodies, the number of casualties tolled to 116.

More than one lakh volunteers have come forward to take the responsibility of cleaning the flood-damaged villages.

Thousands of students from National Cadets Corps (NCC) and NSS have also joined the village cleaning initiatives across Kerala.

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