Make Yoga Part of School Curriculum: Vice President

21 Jun, 2019
Make Yoga Part of School Curriculum: Vice President

The vice presidents, M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday recommended to make yoga a part of the school curriculum and said by doing so, the wake of changing lifestyles and the growing incidence of non-communicable diseases.

In an event, Mr. Naidu was talking about marking the international yoga day which was organized by the Ministry of Ayush and Brahma Kumaris at the Red Fort here.

He said that at a time when people are encountering tremendous pressures in daily lives, there is a great need to introduce the subtle science of yoga, which everyone can use not just to achieve physical well-being, but also to lead a better life by making enlightened choices. He added that yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India possibly around the fifth century. We need to propagate and preserve this holistic practice by making it a part of the school curriculum as it not only ensures physical fitness and mental equilibrium but also inculcates discipline.

The vice president said that it’s more necessary for the wake of changing lifestyles and the growing incidence of non-communicable diseases.

He said that the time has come that we must go back to the old ways of living. These lifestyle changes are damaging our younger generation. There’s no physical activity, no spiritual activity. We are all craving for prosperity and temporary pleasure.

Mr. Naidu also appealed to everyone that yoga is the people’s movement and to understand that it’s not a program of the government or (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi.

He even said that we should all see that it becomes a people’s movement. Modi took initiative and propagated yoga across the world. But, we need to understand that yoga is for body and not because of Modi.

The vice president had asked the young youths to not get carried away with the western food practice.

He even said that we all have a fascination with western food. Some people call it instant food. I would like to caution… instant food means constant disease. Our forefathers gave us good food practices according to seasons and regions. We must get back to our old food habits and not get carried away by burgers or pizzas. Unfortunately, our children are getting swayed away by propaganda and branding by some icons.

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