Madras HC Puts Stay on the Abroad Medical Course Eligibility Order

21 Nov, 2018
Madras HC Puts Stay on the Abroad Medical Course Eligibility Order

NOIDA: On November 19, the Madras High Court has put a stay on the order of a single judge according to which the MCI and the Centre are not allowed to issue the eligibility certificate to the students whose marks are not more than 80 percent in the qualifying examination for various medical courses in overseas regions.

Justice M Sathyanarayanan and Justice N Seshasayee were in the division bench for this case and they have heard an appeal given by the Board of Governors under the supremacy of Medical Council of India. The stay was given to the case and the same is postponed till December 17 for further hearing. Moreover, the notices were given by the bench to the Tamil Nadu Medical Council, the Centre and the state government.

The appeal that has raised objection against Justice N Kirubakaran order on September 28 is disputing about the matter that the single judge had enhanced the minimum qualification score from 50 percent to 80 percent without any challenge to the stipulation. The judge had mistakenly re-legislated the legal clause on graduate medical education 1997 provided by the same.

Justice Kirubakaran had provided the order on a petition given by Thamarai Selvan, foreign medical degree-holder looking for the instruction by the MCI to provide a certificate of provisional registration so that he could be able to get CRRI or compulsory rotatory residential internship in the state.

As per his indication, about 15 to 25 percent doctors carrying the overseas degrees in the past 10 years have somehow managed to qualify the compulsory screening test which is the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination organized by the National Board of Examination for the overseas students to pursue the profession in India.

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