M.Tech students at IITs will now pay more fees, uniform fee structure for all IITs

28 Sep, 2019
M.Tech students at IITs will now pay more fees, uniform fee structure for all IITs

Now, the M.Tech students in IITs will have to pay more as the IIT Council on Friday has approved a fee increase in M.Tech programs offered at IITs. The Council chaired by Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal also approved the ‘tenure track pathway’ to decide whether a new faculty member is going ‘up’ or ‘out’ after a fifth-year review of his or her performance.

‘Reform of the MTech Programs’

The agenda item ‘Reform of the M.Tech Programs’ stated that: “Proactively increase the MTech fee and bring it at least to the level of B.Tech fee (Rs 2 lakh per year) over the next three years. Simultaneously the needy students should be supported directly by the government through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) or arranging educational loans.”

The proposal has been made based on the recommendations of a three-member committee on reforms on M.Tech program in IITs.

HRD ministry has also decided to exempt OCI card holders from taking the JEE Mains exam.  From the next year onwards, OCI card holders will now be exempted from taking the JEE Mains exam for admission to IITs and will directly be able to take the advanced exam. For promoting IITs as global education destinations, the IIT council decided that foreign students including the OCI card holders with foreign passport and those have studied abroad – would be provided direct entry to appear in the JEE Advanced examinations.

A senior official said “IITs would prepare a scheme for providing scholarships for the bright foreign students to study in IITs. They would also explore the possibility of offering online programs to students both in India and abroad. The process of recruiting foreign faculty would be continued by liberalizing the current regulatory processes”.

“The IITs will work on improving their research excellence and through that their national and international rankings. For this, each IIT will come up with their action plan,” the official also added.

Improving hostel facilities at IITs

The IITs are going to launch a major drive for improving the hostel facilities and rebuilding the dilapidated hostels.

“Separate funding for this would be earmarked under HEFA. Further, where possible, the PPP model would be implemented which would be started by IIT Delhi,” the official said. In order to promote excellence in the IITs, all new appointments would be through tenure track system, under which IITs will have more flexibility in recruitment without insisting for necessary three years’ post- Ph.D. experience.

“The performance of such faculty members will be reviewed by an Internal Review Committee after three years, and by an External Review Committee after the fifth year based on which the decision for their retention or promotion to the next higher grade will be decided. It was also decided that the first and second generation IITs will not engage faculty members from third-generation IITs before they complete a minimum of two years,” the official said.

In order to ensure that students passing out from IITs do not face any difficulty in foreign countries with regard to their degrees not being accredited by the designated authority, the Council decided that external peer review of IITs will be done by an External Review Committee in the format prescribed by the NBA and based on the review by the Committee, accreditation will be given by NBA.

“Each IIT will identify their thrust areas for specialization and communicate the same to MHRD within a month. In these areas, they have to set up nation-best research facilities,” the official said. The HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal also launched a common IIT and IISc admission portal developed by IIT Bombay for international applicants interested in pursuing postgraduate studies.

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