LSR agree on considering demands of ‘Pinjratod’ activits but may hike the college fee

09 Nov, 2018
LSR agree on considering demands of ‘Pinjratod’ activits but may hike college fee

NOIDA: After the agitation of the students against Lady Shri Ram College, DU Hostels against issues like “curfew timings” and “gating out”, the university administration has agreed to consider the demands including round-the-clock access of the students to hostel. In a notice, the college administration has assured the students with consideration over their demands, but along with the increase in fee.

LSR administration has constituted a committee to check the feasibility of demands of the students. An unsigned notice on the board says, “The committee is actively considering ways in which students can access the hostel 24*7, taking into account infrastructural and staff charges which will result in increased fees and notification to all stakeholders that will be worked out”.

The administration concurs about putting the notice and said that the need to specify 2 LGs (local guardians) and one emergency contact will be replaced with a new rule. Reconsidering the gating out system (where students, if they violate any hostel rule, are punished with ousting from hostel for 15 days), executing OBC reservation, and increasing the accessibility of physically disabled students will also be in the agenda of this committee.

As per the sources, the decision of only the governing body will be valid after receiving the report from the committee. The report is expected to be submitted by January 2019.

The decision of hike in the fee has been taken as the after effect of the activists participating in ‘Pinjratod’ movement. According to the LSR administration, they need to hire more armed guards and put in place security measures like biometric attendance system, swipe-cards, and revolving doors. To bear the expenses, the administration will have to increase the college fee accordingly. The single-seater rooms will be converted into two-seater rooms to increase the hostel accommodation; implementation of OBC reservation is considered the main reason for the same. All such costs will be raised from the fee of the students.

“We must pay 15k extra annually, and 6k extra for implementation of OBC reservation”, say by the administration during a meeting held for curfew abolition. As per Pinjratod activists, the administration wants them to pay for the freedom they are asking for.

The proposal of hiring more security guards by the administration challenges the UGC’s Saksham Committee Report on Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Women and Programmes for Gender Sensitization on Campuses principles.

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