‘KOOL’ the open online learning program launched in Kerala

20 Nov, 2018
‘KOOL’ the open online learning program launches in Kerala

NOIDA- KITE Infrastructure Department aims at Contemporary Physical Infrastructure to make Kerala’s public education system equal to global standards. The Government of Kerala is moving towards this destination with a holistic conceptualization for betterment.

KOOL will be the state’s biggest online training portal. KITE is planning to introduce additional courses in KOOL that will not only be an advantage to the teachers and students, but also to the commons as well.” KOOL has been designed as an extension of “Samagra”, the educational asset portal of Education Department. KOOL offers a range of attributes for learners in the form of lively learning wizards, video sessions, and activity checklists. There are around 200 instructors who can educate 4,000 people at the same time”, aid K Anvar Sadath, Vice Chairman and CEO of KITE.

“KOOL is the biggest leap in the state of Kerala to turn out to be India’s first fully digital educational state,” said Professor C Raveendranath, Minister of Education.

“Since the schools in this state are sophisticated, teachers and schoolchildren have to be skilled in various areas at the same time. So it was decided to start KOOL, “said a press release.

Registration for the KOOL Basic ICT Training has already begun. Trainees can register their engagement via SAMAGRA. After fulfilling the registration procedure, they can take part in the classes. KOOL credentials are sent to enrolled participants during contact lessons. Close to 5,000 teachers have approached KITE to know about such course of study, and initial KOOL training has been incorporated into appropriate components. The first set of KOOL consists of 2,500 teachers in the ratio of one instructor to every 20 teachers.

The six-week program covers the creation of artifacts, excels, decks, required image, video-audio redaction, digital assets creation, Malayalam language input, Cyberspace and activity related applications. Teachers who meritoriously undertake the course receive credits and certificates. Teachers have to mandatorily undergo 45 hours of computer course to clear their probation period.

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