Kashmir University honours nine Kashmiri women

02 Apr, 2019

NOIDA– On Saturday, University of Kashmir felicitated nine Kashmiri women for exhibiting their talent by presenting their artifacts at Lakme Fashion Week-2019 in Mumbai. Trained at ‘Usha Garment Design and Production Centre (UGPC)’, Zakura Campus, University of Kashmir, these nine women had designed the artifacts and clothes under the aegis of renowned designer Mr. Rohit Bal.

Recently, USHA International Pvt. Ltd. has established the ‘Usha Garment Design and Production Centre (UGPC)’ at Zakura campus of the University. The main motive of setting up this centre is to highlight the talent garnering among the Kashmiri women.

In association with Department of Social Work and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), the UGPC trained 17 women of Kashmir with the skills of sewing/ stitching to craft the artifacts and garments to be showcased at Lakme Fashion Week 2019, at Mumbai.

Mr. Bal supervised the collection fabricated by the women trained at UGPC, University of Kashmir.

According to a statement made by the university, the garment and artifacts designed by nine Kashmiri ladies grabbed the eye-balls at Lakme Fashion Week and selected to be the part of customers’ wardrobes.

The prices of the artifacts were ranging between Rs.12000 to Rs.32000 and helped the women earn some humble remuneration for future projects.

Registrar University of Kashmir Dr. Nissar Ahmad Mir, while the honour-paying ceremony of the women, said that the art of sewing and stitching is the source of dignified earning for women.

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