JNUSU President Targets Sitharaman for Her Statement on JNU

20 Sep, 2018
JNUSU President Targets Sitharaman

JNUSU President Targets Sitharaman – JNUSU President N. Sai Balaji targets the Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for quoting the statement that there are group leaders in the university campus that are hitting the war against the nation. He further added that the minister herself has yet not given the clarity on Rafale deal.

The statements of Sitharaman came into picture when the candidates from Left groups won all four major positions in JNU Students Union Elections and later on the tiff was exaggerated between the candidates of RSS-backed Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and the Left-affiliated All India Students Association (AISA).

When probed about the growth of the students in JNU, the Defence minister stated, “There are forces that are heading the nation towards the war like situation and they are the leaders of the students union which is the saddest part.”

She further said, “The sort of issues that took place in JNU in the last few years are the real shame and discoursing. It is quite unusual to make a leader whose thinking and ideologies do not match with yours. The anti nation forces will worsen the situation in near future.”

The minister also mentioned about their brochures and reiterated that the forces are meant to create the anti nation environment all around and this is what their pamphlets also promote.

JNUSU president counter attacked the minister, quoting “The government is just not focusing on the national issues like unemployment, Rafale deal, Jio University etc and trying hard to divert the people’s attention through this irrational debate of national versus anti national. He also stated that the minister is herself the JNU product but is encouraging the corporatization in university level education system.

The president was unstoppable while putting allegations on Sitharaman, asking, “Why Ambani was supported at the time Rafale deal. They basically aspire to stop the education that is public funded and want to add the element of privatization.”

In the year 2016 dated February 9, JNU has organized an event that was against the country and their decision of hanging of Afzal Guru. The slogans were raised against the nation that has put a questionable debate on the nationalism of the JNU leaders.

In the same years, a special JNU panel had imposed Rs 10,000 fine on Kanhaiya Kumar, the union president at that time and also expelled Umar Khalid and two other students from the university. In February 2016 after the incident took place, the three leaders Kumar, Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya were arrested but got the bail. With this arrest, the protests hit the nation all around.

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