JNUSU blames university authorities for not releasing the scholarships

22 Nov, 2018
JNUSU blames university authorities for not releasing the scholarships

NOIDA- On November 21, JNUSU or Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union has blamed the authorities of the university that they are not releasing the Merit-cum-Means scholarship of more than Rs. 50 lakh to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and it has been pending since last eight months.

Most of the authority officials straightaway stated that they are not aware of the same.

JNUSU said in its statement that the administration of the university is lagging to provide the Merit-cum-Means scholarship to the students of BA and MA students and this has been piling up since last eight months.

It further added, “The JNU authorities have the funds to organize great events through the money of the students but they have not been giving the scholarship funds of more than Rs 50 lakhs to the students from past eight months.”

JNUSU stated that the authorities are not releasing the funds of scholarship and due to this the students are unable to fulfill their regular expenses.

JNUSU quoted, “It is to bring into the notice that the amount for MCM is provided from the funds of the university and if the authorities do not have the funds for the students, it only implies the illicit use of the money and this is the reason of high corruption at various places in the university administration.”

It further asked the JNU authorities to publish the complete account sheet pertaining to the funds allocation and expenses with immediate effect.

Not only this, JNUSU has also asked from the university authorities if the UGC or the HRD ministry have denied the disbursement of MCM or scholarship to the students.

The union quoted that it is highly disgraceful of the university in making delay of scholarship amount disbursement. JNUSUS also demanded the JNU administration to put an end to the money related frauds in the university and release the funds.

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