JNU: Protest Continue Against Introduction of ‘Expensive MBA Course’

27 Mar, 2019
JNU hunger Strike

Noida – The students at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have continued their protest indefinite hunger strike against the introduction of expensive MBA course in JNU. This was the eighth day of hunger strike, the MBA Course is being introduced which is costlier than all courses offered at JNU. Sarika Chaudhary, Vice president Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) said that we have been sitting on hunger strike; this is the eighth day of our strike against many issues but primarily against the management course which will be inducted from this academic session”.

Sarika Chaudhary said “The course has the highest ever fee structure that is Rs. 12 lakh which is higher than any private college. How many can afford this fee for the course?” As we know that fee structure of the maximum program offered by JNU is quite low and affordable by most of the common Indian citizen.

In the reply of hunger strike, The Vice-chancellor at JNU said, “A discussion cannot happen when 500 people are standing and shouting at you. It happens in a peaceful atmosphere. Right from the beginning, they are against opening the management school in the campus. If the fee is so high then why are students applying for course from all over the country? We have just 50 seats but a large number of people who have qualified CAT exam have applied for our program.”

he also added, “We cannot remain frogs in the well in today’s time. The university has to expand its programs in order to become the best university in the world and contribute to the country. We are following all the rules and regulations of UGC. All these decisions are taken after a long discussion with our executive and academic councils. I don’t see any point why anyone should oppose these kinds of expansion of such program which is good for University,” Mr. Kumar added. On the issue of expensive fee structure of the program, Mr Kumar said, “The fee structure is the same as anywhere in India whether it is IIMs or IITs. We are not charging anything abnormally. The course will be inducted from coming academic session starting from July. We have already started the engineering course and the selection process is through JEE.”

On Monday evening, hundreds of JNU students allegedly barged into the residence of the VC and confined his wife inside the residence. After the incident took place, JNU Vice-Chancellor said he will not file a police complaint against the students who have barged into his house, but the University will take strict disciplinary action against them as per the University rules.

Another student sitting on hunger strike here said, “We have been sitting here for indefinite hunger strike but neither the vice-chancellor nor anyone from JNU administration came to meet us. Instead the VC accused us of barging into his house and threatening his wife. Nothing of that sort happened. We were doing a protest which is within the ambit of our constitutional rights.”

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