JNU Administration Introduces ‘No Leave Rule’ for Teachers who Avoid Marking their Attendance

23 Nov, 2018
JNU Administration Introduces ‘No Leave Rule’ for Teachers who Avoid Marking their Attendance

NOIDA- The administration of Jawaharlal Nehru University has not been allowing the teachers to take any leave even if there is the case of participation in the international seminars and conferences. The reason behind the same is the negligent behavior of the teachers in marking their own attendance and also the students’ attendance records.

The students and the teachers have condemned the move of the university in creating the mandate of 75% attendance. Apart from this, the JNU teachers will also have to mark their attendance on daily basis. A petition was filed by the JNU students in the Delhi High Court against the release of 75% attendance mandate by the university administration.

The Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies Professor Archana Prasad will have to take part in the conference that will be held in South Africa from December 6 to December 16 and for this she has applied for the leave through application on October 9.

She had to sent the reminders to the administration when she got the revert on November 9 through email from the Academic Branch, stating that the ‘request could be taken into account only after the confirmation of the faculty member mentioning whether he or she is marking the attendance in the register and also marking the students’ attendance .’

Prof Prasad quoted that this was not at all justifiable.

The Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health Professor Ritu Priya Mehrotra also went through the same issue when she had to go to Dhaka from November 15 t November 19 for the purpose of attending world health convention there.

She stated, “I had sent the leave application to the authority at the end of October, but did not get any response. I contacted the administration some days prior to my leave to get the status of my leave application, however, I was informed that it would only be approved if I show the completed attendance sheets. I denied putting my signature and thus no leave was granted to me.”

The JNU Teachers’ Association tagged it an “arbitrary decision” and stated that the circular was not taken from any clause of the JNU Act, statutes and ordinances and was “without any lawful substance”.

Mentioning the circular again, Registrar quoted, “The Executive Council has given the mandate of compulsory attendance and the teachers who are not marking the same would not be granted the leaves.”

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