J&K Government to issue Guidelines for Regulating Price of School uniform and Books in Private Schools

09 Nov, 2018
J&K Government to issue Guidelines for Regulating Price of School uniform and Books

Noida 09th November 2018: The official of Jammu & Kashmir government on Thursday said that the government will shortly issue the guidelines with an objective to regulate the prices of books and school uniforms in private schools operating in the state. J&K government has taken this step after receiving so many dissatisfactory reactions from the people regarding the exorbitant rates quoted by private schools.

Khurshid Ahmed Ganai, advisor to the governor, has instructed the directors of the J&K school education board to look into the complaints about the overpriced school uniforms and text books in the private school operating in the state. Also, he has asked the directors to convey the recommendation of the government in regards to regulating the rates.

Taking into account the report issued by a large section of different media, the in-charge of education department Mr. Ganai said, the government will issue guidelines to regulate prices of textbooks and uniforms of private schools in the state on the analogy of regulation of fee structure of these schools.”

He assured the parents with a commitment to taking strict action against the schools that are charging more than the fair prices for school uniforms and text books.

It is seen as a remarkable initiative by J&K government to obstruct the whimsicality of the private schools and shed off the excessive load on the parents for the education of their children.

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