Jharkhand Bureaucrat Turns Mentor for IIT Aspirants Suddenly

08 Oct, 2018
Jharkhand Bureaucrat Turns Mentor for IIT Aspirants Suddenly

KK Khandelwal, Additional Chief Secretary has enthralled many people with his sudden initiative where he switched his profile and decided to pick pen and chalk to give coaching to IIT aspirants. Justifying his move, Khandelwal states that teaching is something that brings more satisfaction to him than his profile as a bureaucrat. It renders him passion to spread knowledge across the people and train them to crack IIT entrance examination.

IAS officer of Jharkhand cadre at 1988 batch has becoe the guiding light for his two sons, a nephew and six more aspirants to beat IIT-Joint Entrance Exam.

He quotes, “It provides me more appeasement to guide the students who carry the dream to crack engineering entrance tests and join IITs.  Some of the aspirants truly deserve and have hidden talent that they need to identify but various reasons come into their way to crack IIT examinations.”

He further added that such students need an adequate guidance and a slight push to grab their seats in IITs.

Khandelwal who was the 8th rank holder in All India Civil Services Examination and 52th rank holder in All India IIT JEE Examination in the year 1981 has chosen voluntary retirement from his services. He is the apex authroity of the department of personnel and administrative reforms and also takes care of commercial taxes. He will be freed from the services by the Jharkhand government later this year.

He said that the decision of retirement was not actually a Eureka moment for him. He further added that Ankur, his elder son, who has taken the coaching classes in Kota and Ranchi in 2010, was not doing well in his tests and thus I decided to train him and make his dreams come true.

IIT-Kharagpur alumnus further stated, “As I was unable to find any other way out, I took the decision to provide him the personal guidance so that he might get inside out knowledge of every subject and also the clarity of the basics. I wanted to teach him from the scratch to clear all his doubts and thus I have thoroughly gone through the overall syllabus of Physics and Mathematics. After that I have given coaching to my son who grabbed the All India Ranking of 570 in 2011 through IIT-JEE.”

Later, he also guided his nephew Aniket and younger son Anupam who grabbed All India Ranking of 56 and 9 respectively in the year 2013.

Recently in 2017, he included six students under his wings and trained them.

He stated, “After voluntary retirement, it has become far simple for me to provide coaching to the aspirants as now I will be able to invest my whole time to them. We guide the students who have self passion and strong commitment to crack IIT examination. We develop a sense of self confidence and analytical skills among the aspirants so that they can focus on their single aim and study dedicatedly towards it.”

He further added that such inner confidence and dedication help the students to solve the problems.

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