JEE turns easier because of new format, says Prof. Das

14 Sep, 2018
Prof. Sarit Kumar Das

Noida 14th September 2018: Prof. Sarit Kumar Das, a professor of mechanical engineering at IIT Madras said that all because of change in JEE format, the system is unable to produce well-rounded students and as result the quality has been dipped. Earlier in IIT, there were total numbers of 650 students but right now it is 1550 and likely to be 2550 by 2019. However, the statement of Prof. Das is based on the record and analysis done on seeing the quality of students seek admission in IIT from past few years.

Commenting on the quality of the students in IITs, Prof. Sarit discussed the reason why there has been a dip in quality from last 20 years. According to Prof. Sarit, the key reason is the change is Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) pattern from solving problem to multiple choices. Nowadays, students only guess the right answer instead of solving problem. Guessing can be done by removal; moreover, solving problem is tough as student must know the how to tackle it. Hence, the current system does not test the problem-solving ability of the student, Prof, Sarit added.

Further, when asked about the well-rounded students to Das, he said “Our system is not capable of producing well-rounded students. As a professional, you also require interpersonal skills, survival skills, managerial skills, ideas etc. which quite often do not impart. In addition to this, Das added that based on the performance in examination, world’s best universities do not admit people as they make a qualitative evaluation based on student’s project on social or scientific topic to scrutinize the communication skills and ideas. Most importantly, Das said “we are unable to check the creativity of the students and this is where we are lacking and in the last five to eight years, there is a conscious effort at IITs to change that.

Now, talking about the students outside the IIT, Prof. Das alleged that it is a myth that only IIT students are the best as a large number of students outside the IIT are capable of doing the best. Additionally, Prof. said that about the outcome of IIT exam which only shows one’s performance on that particular day as in case any candidate misses solving two problems, his/her rank goes a couple of thousand points down.

However, discussing the ‘brain drain’ trend, Das said that earlier i.e. 20 years ago, he used to teach 85 students in a class at IIT-Madras. Among 85 students, 67 students went abroad as there were hardly any good opportunities in the country. Similarly, around 5 years ago, he taught 120 students but the number of candidates who migrated abroad was just 19. But presently, it can be seen that scarcely 10% of the total students visit foreign land for job purpose and the rest thinks about the startups. So, this is the current scenario of IIT students.

Lastly, to make the system more productive than what it was earlier, Das suggested coming out of the so-called “Social mode” which tries to provide equal salaries to all as pay scale is one of the killers of the system. Furthermore, he said “In foreign universities, one has to prove oneself or to be kicked out. Only the best remain. In our system, we cannot throw out people. As for students, they should be given the freedom to choose what they want to study. The old concept of teaching everything in an engineering college is a thing of past.

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