Jadavpur University Gets 100-Crore Grant for Revamping the Research Facilities on Campus

21 Nov, 2018
Jadavpur University Gets 100-Crore Grant for Revamping the Research Facilities on Campus

NOIDA- Under the scheme of RUSA or Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan that is formed to provide financial help to certain universities of the state for improvisation in their research related facilities, Jadavpur University has been granted the first installment of Rs 100-crore owing to the excellent performance by the students.

From the given amount of Rs 41.66 crore, the share of the centre was Rs 25 crore and that of state was Rs 16.66 crore, as per the letter given by the additional state project director of RUSA, Jaydip Mukhopadhyay.

Vice-chancellor Suranjan Das stated that the given amount will be utilized by the institution to establish new infrastructure facilities and develop latest research methodologies.

Das further said that he would do interaction with the faculty members and others to discourse about the methods through which the optimal use of the funds can be made within a stipulated time.

Jadavpur University is the first unit of higher education in the state of West Bengal to receive the funds owing to its NAAC accreditation for five years, started in September 2014.

The joint coordinator of Centre for Society and Religion at JU, Manojit Mandal, has opened up about his expressions to social media appreciating the move of Ministry of Human Resource Development and the state government for granting the fund.

His post on Facebook quoted, “JU is the first to get more than 40 percent of the Rs 100 crore funds in the proportion of 60:40, Rs 25 crore by MHRD and Rs 16.66 crore by the state government. For this, we are obliged to MHRD and the Government of West Bengal.”

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