Introduction of two levels of mathematics in CBSE class X from 2020

11 Jan, 2019
Introduction of two levels of mathematics in CBSE class X from 2020

NEW DELHI – Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced two levels of mathematics for a class tenth from the year 2020. The students not willing to purse mathematics as a career option such as arts stream students are stressed that the subject can degrade the quality of the board result thus for them, the CBSE has introduced the basic mathematics, and for the students who want to pursue mathematics in higher classes such as science and/or commerce students can opt for the standard mathematics. The CBSE has announced that the syllabus, concepts, and methods of both the level of mathematics will remain the same and the difference will occur only during the board exam. The difficulty level of the examination for basic mathematics students will be less than that of standard mathematics students.

Also, the basic mathematics students who fail to clear the exam in the first attempt can give the compartment exam for basic mathematics again. On the other hand, if a student of standard mathematics fails in the examination can give re-exam for the standard or the basic mathematics (either of the two). In addition to this if any candidate of basic mathematics clears the examination in one attempt and wish to appear in the examination of standard mathematics to pursue mathematics in higher classes are given the opportunity to apply for it.

This measure was taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education to give relief to the students’ stress for performance in that particular subject. Now the students who will be appearing for tenth board examination from 2020 onwards will have the opportunity to choose between basic mathematics and standard mathematics upon seeing and analyzing the capability they own as this will also help them to avoid complication during their studies.

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