Introduction of Eggs in Schools of Chhattisgarh: A Political Controversy

18 Jan, 2019
Introduction of Eggs in Schools of Chhattisgarh

Noida – There has been an approach to the introduction of egg in the mid day meals of the students in the state of Chhattisgarh by the government. The approach has gathered criticism and controversies which have arisen one of the worst Indian Education Policies across the country. One of the aims on the part of the mid-day meal is to provide the students enough protein to study for the day and curb their hunger or need for food for the day.

The BJP government has curtailed the process of giving the students with eggs as it is costly for them according to analysis. But the eggs act a huge source of nourishment for the malnourished children who require the eggs in their daily diet. The bad decisions on the part of the government will not justify the enhancement of reservations and quotas across the states of the country. For the long term prosperity of the states in particular and the country in general, it is necessary that the children are fed with good food along with the quality education.

There is an enormous difference between China and India in the matters of quality and long term prospective concerning the schools, the education, and food that the children get as a supplement of protein. When it comes to the education of the students, there should not be any restriction or obligation in the in reaching out to the best possible diet and education. The political views and parties must not indulge into the politicization of education with the worse implications in the future map of the country.

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