Institutes less than 20 years age will not be given deemed-to-be tag, says UGC

25 Feb, 2019
Institutes less than 20 years age will not be given deemed-to-be tag, says UGC

NOIDA– University Grants Commission (UGC) has said that the institutions younger than 20 years will be not allotted deemed-to-be tag. The information has been furnished through a circular released by UGC. The amendments in the eligibility criteria to get deemed-to-be tag have been made by UGC in a quest to ‘ensure quality education’.

Apart from the 2 decades of existence, there is another change in eligibility criteria. The institute needs to maintain at least 3.26 CGPA for three academic cycles (consecutively) accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation). In case of technical colleges, it should be two-third of eligible technical programmes.

As per the new circular, the institute needs to mark its presence among top 50 in the ranking for a specific category or in top 100 of the overall ranking issued by National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF). Moreover the teacher student ratio shall be greater than 1:20 and the institute has to have 100 teachers at least on its faculty panel.

Minimum of 2000 students on role under the regular mode is also a clause for eligibility criteria. Apart from it, the institution should have at least 3-year old five operational postgraduate departments along with the facility for a research programme.

Institutes applying for this status will have to submit a DPR (Detailed Project Report) showcasing their strategic plan for 15 years and 5-year rolling implementation plan.

According to the amended rules, once an institute gets this status, the UGC will monitor the academic outcomes of that particular institute on an annual basis. The institutes need to maintain the percentage of graduation students at least 50% and there will be no drop in the student-teacher ratio below 1:20.

The institutions also need to constitute a selection committee to make sure that the UGC recommendations are followed religiously. As per the circular, the high performing institutes under the deemed-to-be tag would be permitted to established off-shore centres as well.

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