Infosys launches mobile app for learning of engineering students

18 Feb, 2019
Infosys launches mobile app for learning of engineering students

NOIDA- On Saturday, globally-acknowledged software giant Infosys unveiled its next-gen digital learning platform in Mysore for engineering students. InfyTQ app is launched with a vision to provide engagement experience and learning to the engineering students in India.

This platform is completely free to access and will help the engineering students studying in their 3rd and 4th year.

The mobile, as well as desktop version of this platform, will be available. This app is packed with valuable content, news, and courses to impart industry-based learning for the engineering students. It will also comprise online assessments and certification as per Infosys.

The learning courses provided through this platform will revolve around practical and conceptual technology-based aspects to make students understand the fundamentals.

The course on this app enables the students gain hands-on experience on the real-world engineering concepts. This app is going to be a revolutionary step in terms of learning advancement and creating virtual programming environment for sets of engineering students so that they can hone their technological skills.

It will also help students stay connected with Infosys to get acquainted with latest happenings and keep abreast with the value system and software culture.

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