Indian Students need Nurturing Public Policy Skills Says Paul Kelly

13 Sep, 2018
Indian Students need Nurturing Public Policy Skills says Paul Kelly

Noida 13th September 2018: Paul Kelly, a professor of political philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Head of Department of Government recently visited India when he assumed that Indian students need to evolve policy application skills that include policy entrepreneurship, critical engagement, etc. by being a liberal learner further developing the capability to make use of authentic knowledge.

Kelly further added while talking about his institution’s emphasis polity that since the establishment of a number of departments, the public policy is being taught to the students in the London School of Economics. Furthermore, focusing on the Indian students for their betterment at global level he said that the students of Indian National must be provided with the courses that are connected to the major globally challenges including demography, global health, health policy, populations, climate change, etc.

On moving towards the experimental learning, Kelly alleged that according to him practical experience and exposure are the two key components of most public policy courses as they expects students to be an independent learner in order to implement their learning in real-world solutions instead of grasping only intellectual knowledge to use it in their areas of interest for doing high quality policy. Additionally, for the students of Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy department in London School of Economics has brought in a capstone where students analyze their past learning throughout the course post which can implement that to scrutinize a particular idea as a part of formal teaching and evaluation of programs.

Discussing the modification in learning techniques of public policy over past years, Kelly says “earlier trend of imparting static knowledge has been replaced by more interactive and engaged learning system”

Talking about the partnership of his institution with India has proved to be the teaching-driven through University of London International Programs, Kelly said that with the collaboration with the Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF), the Indian students can fetch the opportunities of the same level that the students of London School of Economics get.

Ultimately, being optimistic about the impact of Brexit, Kelly says “Brexit will challenge the UK higher education sector to become more competitive. Despite the complexity and challenges, the universities in the UK are still very much in competition for the highest quality students coming from India. Moreover, it will create lots of challenges for those interested in Public Policy development, so in a way, that is also a kind of opportunity.

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