Indian Education System needs to be Lit: Rahul Gandhi

24 Sep, 2018
Indian Education System needs to be Lit: Rahul Gandhi

Noida, 24th September- Congress President Rahul Gandhi proclaimed on Saturday that the education system in India must catch a strong voice and do not lag behind in expressing itself at the best with a billion population. The students of the nation must hold their pride in not only expressing themselves overtly, but also assure to mouth out the country equally to bring new revolutions.

Gandhi says that the Indian education system needs an echo to get all of it expressed with its own voice and bring amendments that can bring a huge change. The education system ought to be very smooth and be layered with the spirit of harmony and sync to ensure that the teaching community in India must have the power to express themselves and in turn their disciples to do the same, effectively,

It is very important for the teachers and students to express as expression is the most essential mode of enlarging the spectrum of education in the future. Improvising the education will open the walls for all the students across the nation as they will get a chance to cut all the odds that comes in the path of education and career.

He claims that the present education system bound the students with stress and pressures of an imposed syllabus and system. He says that he wants all the students to realize every issue a student and a teacher is undergoing in the present system of education that needs an overt action for not only making things erect in the present but also prescribe the future.

He supports and defends all the studying citizens encountering facts and figures regarding their status in the competitive world that is tangled to expectations and cardinal scores. He says that they must fight against and he is ready to lead them in the process of addressing the new education system which poses forward positive impact on the future generations where knowledge would be free and convenience would lie on the part of the students.

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