Indian Education System Keeps on Elevating, Says Global Survey Stats

12 Oct, 2018
Indian Education System Keeps on Elevating

India has marked its presence worldwide as the third-largest higher educational system. In the year 2016, there were about 799 universities and 39,071 colleges all over the country. The development of the country from the perspective of higher education has been rising since years.

To lead as the global stalwart in the platform of higher education, India needs a far better education system so that it can compete with other countries of the world. The fact cannot be denied that the gap of quality and quantity in India’s education system is the key hurdle that drags the country from becoming the world champion.

Two years ago, the Narendra Modi administration tried to lay emphasis on the parameter of quality in higher education. It has introduced the draft regulations for a new initiative termed as the “UGC (Declaration of Government Educational Institutions as World Class Institutions) Guidelines, 2016.” In the year 2018, the first six institutions were given the names that come under this initiative and were called as “Institutions of Eminence” as opposed to “world class institutions”.

Even though the label has been altered, the intention to provide the reputation and recognition to these institutions remain the same. With this, an initiative has begun to address the major intricacies of education system in India.

The world class higher education system should necessarily be student centric and not the institution centric. It consists of highly reputable and certified institutions with plenty of necessary resources and the key objective of making sure that the students or the customers get the level of skills and knowledge that they actually need to fulfill their goals and their efforts towards making the society better.

The present education system of our country is contrary to this. The major focus of the system is initially on the selective institutions and then the individuals instead of the quality of education and the needs of the students.

There are various steps that are suggestible to be initiated when it comes to the improvement of the higher education system of our country. These are given below:

Enhancing public sector financing

Currently, there is little funding for higher education of our county from the side of the federal and state governments. This is the reason why about 70% of the institutions are driven by private sector. The funding of public sector institutions must be raised so that the quality of education may get improved and this will also increase the scope of establishing new institutions.

Quality infrastructure

The universities and colleges across India are not apt when it comes to the infrastructure quality. The poor physical settings, unavailability of required equipment and devices and also the shortage of skilled and highly talented teaching staff witness the inadequate quality of infrastructure that also hold the institutions from  rendering perfect learning environment to the students.

More participation in higher education

The need of the hour demands for more participation of the students for higher education. Currently, the enrolment percentage in higher education is only 15 of the eligible population. This figure is supposed to be raised in order to make India to stand out among various leaders in the world. The females from the rural regions and weaker sectors need to think about the development of their country in terms of higher education.

Enforcement of adequate standards

The declaration of the replacement of UHC or University Grants Commission with that of HECI or Higher Education Commission of India has created the debate within and outside of the educational community. The most important thing is whether there will be UGC or HECI, the appropriate standards of education must be laid down.

Focus on vocational education

The higher education system is expected to fulfill the requirements of the competent employers and prospective employees. The present situation points towards the mismatch. The higher educational system must be intended to provide competent employees to the companies.

Apart from these, various other steps are there that should be taken and we have to change our mindset and bring singularity. There must be only one agenda of the entire nation for higher education and that should be the quality education with good quality infrastructure and other essential elements.

Writer by passion, journalist by profession, Ankit has a sensitive nose for news, especially about educational affairs.


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