India needs Educational Reformation, says Bharat Ratna CNR Rao

14 Sep, 2018
Bharat Ratna CNR Rao

NOIDA 14th September 2019: Focusing upon the educational reformation in the country, the renowned scientist and the Bharat Ratna awardee CNR Rao stated that necessary measures are needed to make amendments in Indian education system especially in rural areas where adequate infrastructure is required in the schools.

Mr Rao, who was called here at convocation ceremony by Presidency University to honor him with the most acclaimed degree of Doctor of Science (DSc), was seen addressing the grievances of the students who are brilliant in studies but lacking the appropriate resources to continue the same.

He said “Millions of students are unaware of the right career path for them and this is due to the lack of proper guidance as the teaching staff is not proper in number and the infrastructure of the schools is not good. It is the need to of the hour to resolve the issue related to our education system”.

Mr Rao has been the part of various advisory capacities in the government and also raised his voice to initiate reformation in the examination system. He further added “this irrational examination system will end up doing nothing for us. It only carries the ability to ruin the minds of the young talent. It certainly needs to be reformed”.

Defining scientific education as one of the major factors to make the educational system strong within the country, he said “India is the country that has the potential to shine as a world leader in the field of scientific researches. That is why the young students should come forward to nurture their career in scientific research and embark their presence across the globe”.

Discussing about the accountability of teachers in nurturing the young talent, he emphasized “they should not only be the source to transfer the knowledge but also disperse the truth of education. They are meant to instill among the young students the sense of relating the education with the progress of the country”.

Stating about the honor bestowed by the university, he said “this is the 79th doctorate degree he has been given by a hallowed institution.

Addressing Bengal as the “renaissance state” where ample number of acclaimed scientists emerged such as J C Bose and Meghnad Saha, CNR Rao added, “I am extremely exhilarated with this honor of Doctorate as it is given by such a reputed and renowned university like Presidency.

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