IIT students create device which can help you eat without using arms, works on voice command

19 Jul, 2019
IIT students create device which can help you eat without using arms, works on voice command

The student at IIT has created a device which will help eating using no arm and you can command the device through voice. The innovation by the students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has made it possible to eat without using arms. The first-year students at IIT Gandhinagar developed a device named ‘Foodbuddy’ which will help people eat without using arms or with not properly functioning motor skills to eat independently.

The device can be connected through google assistant or Alexa and work based on voice command. The device will cost around Rs 2-3,000, once launched. Their innovation was surfaced in the second edition of Invent@IITGN, organized by IIT Gandhinagar.

The idea came to the young mind of Chris Francis and Praveen Venkatesh after they saw one of their friends affected with cerebral palsy. “The pain of our friend moved us to make a device that will solve the problem of many who lost their hands or could not use their hands,” said both the developer Chris Francis and Praveen Venkatesh.

18 years old electric engineering student Praveen Venkatesh said “The device operates on internet connection. When a user is hungry, s/he can command the device through the assistants, the machine will place the food in their mouth conveniently. The feeding can be resumed and paused, and the plate can be rotated independently by the user.”

“We have already filed for a patent. We thought of the economic factor at the time of producing the device, and the cost of the device will not cross above Rs 3,000,” he said.

Chris Francis, a computer science engineering student at IIT Gandhinagar said that there are alternatives to their products available in the market, but they are very expensive and beyond the reach of the common people.

Both students giving credit to their teachers behind the success of this device. “The faculty of IIT Gandhinagar, Professor Vineet Vashisth, Madhu Vadali, Nithin George, Vashista worked with us day and night to develop this cost-effective device,” said Francis.

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