IIT-Ropar Engineering Student ends his Life

01 Oct, 2018
IIT-Ropar Engineering Student ends his Life

Noida 1st Oct 2018: On September 30, an IIT Ropar student which was only 20-year-old is suspected to have jumped into the Bhakra canal, as per the report by the sources.

The name of the student was Narinderpal Singh and he belonged to from Patiala. He was pursuing the course of chemical engineering in which he recently got the admission in the month of June.

As per the sources, the student had intimated his girl friend about his step of jumping into the canal allegedly. The moment the girl friend got the information, she asked his class fellow to visit to the location and cease him from doing this. As soon as the class mates of Narinderpal reached the place, he was not there. It has been informed by a man who was grazing the cattle at nearby area and has seen the incident of the student jumping into the canal.

The moment the news came out, Sarik K Das, IIT Ropar Director, visited that place and intimated the police about the incident.

Though the divers tried hard to search the boy but failed to trace him.

Amarjit Singh, Narinderpal’s uncle, who got the information from the sources reached the spot and stated that his family had no idea of he having a girlfriend. He had come to home last week and was in regular contact with the family.

One more incident of student suicide came into picture this month on 12th September when 18 year old IIT Guwahati student hanged herself in the hostel room from the ceiling fan. As per the police officials, she was not at all satisfied with her career option of engineering.

A brief suicide note in English was also recovered from her room. The highlight of her note was “Engineering sucks” and she is not happy with her choice of career. An Additional Superintendent of Police, Sanjib Saikia stated “She was very much depressed with her engineering career option and also that she is unable to meet the expectations of her parents.”

An IIT spokesperson quoted, “The roommate of the girl student was not there in the hostel room and gone to attend the classes. As soon as her roommate came back, the room was locked. She also called the girl to open the door but left unattended. Lastly, she called the security.”

The security team of IIT came forward and opened the door when they found the body hanging from the ceiling. The police had been informed immediately.

IIT spokesperson further added that the girl student had got admitted for the course one and a half months before post counseling round and there was nothing unusual that was noticed while interaction.

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