IIT Roorkee Students stun with Invention of a Car that Runs on Water

13 Oct, 2018
IIT Roorkee Students stun with invention of a car that runs on water

Noida 13th October 2018: The young talented students of the Indian Institute of Technology have once again exhibited their sharp acumen and bright skills with the recent creation. IIT Roorkee students have made the layout of an electric car that has the potential to run on water and aluminium and does not require any electricity or fuel. Inspite of all this, the cost will remain the standard one. Hence, it is not only beneficial for the environment but also cost effective.

The water and an aluminium plate are the elements that drive the car. As per the sources, the car has the potential to run 1,000 km with a single charge. After every 300 kilometers, the car requires one litre of water. After running for 1,000-km, its aluminium plate is supposed to be changed. No need to get worried as this procedure will not take more than 15 minutes, said the students. Currently, these plates are priced at Rs 5,000, however, the cost will go down as the demand increases.

As per the reports, the car is in initial phase and the tests are undergoing to know about its commercial status.

This innovation comes from Log9 Materials which is a start up and has started the project before two years. In this, the batteries were made that have the feature of generating power from water and aluminium. India is also going to join this league soon.

Akshay Singhal, founder-CEO of Log9 Materials, stated that the project is under talks with the automobile companies and the prototype is ready.

How the car works?

Basically, the car works on the technology of fuel cell that produces electricity by making use of the electrochemical reaction. The graphene rod is there with the metal plate that considers water as base for the reaction and generates electricity.

The electricity will then be moved to an electric motor that runs the car.

The IITians are pretty much confident with the fact that these batteries are highly durable and have long life.

What are the reactions?

Most of the industry stalwarts have shown their affirmation for the car and also praised the efforts of IITians. Biocon’s Kiran Mazumdar Shaw stated in a tweet that it is quite innovative that IIT Roorkee researchers have developed the model of an electric car that is eco friendly and works on water and aluminium.

With this innovative car, the government is planning to urge the car owners to move on to environment friendly fuel sources.

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