IIT Professor on a ‘Yatra’ for Energy Swaraj

27 Dec, 2018
IIT Professor on a ‘Yatra’ for Energy Swaraj

Noida – Prof. Chetan Solanki from IIT Bombay has started the ‘Yatra’ to promote sustainable energy for the livelihood of those who lacks access. The professor of Department of energy, science, and engineering will travel to over 30-40 countries across the world for next six months and will execute this journey on 2nd October marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

According to Prof. Solanki, he planned for this mission on the foot-print of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘gram swaraj’ and so he named his mission ‘Gandhi Global Solar Yatra(GGSY)’. Further, discussing the mission, Prof. said that as similar to Mahatma Gandhi, he will begin his journey of ‘Energy Swaraj’ on Wednesday from Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad.

Furthermore, Prof. Chetan Solanki added that the main reason behind planning and promoting this mission was to encourage the self-sufficiency in energy for the sustainability of the beings especially those who face the scarcity and really need this. Moreover, he said that upon protecting the environment, creating livelihoods, and most importantly empowering the locals was going to make the mission possible to impart cost-effective, reliable, sustainable and complete solar energy. Not only this, he further said “Every time we use fossil fuel, we emit harmful gases into the environment. I want to raise awareness that technology should be decentralized and that solar provided the best solutions.

During the journey to different countries, Prof. Chetan will conduct meetings with various Universities, policymakers, and also the government officials who will help him to take this initiative ahead at the local level. Apart, he will firstly conclude his journey in South-East Asian countries that includes Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

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