IIT Mandi Scientists Devise Technique to harvest water from fog

09 Oct, 2018
IIT Mandi scientists devise technique to harvest water from fog

Noida 9th October 2018: IIT Mandi has devised the way out to harvest water from fog. For this, they have developed a material from the leaves of certain plants.

Without a shadow of doubt, the researchers across the globe are striving hard towards developing the methodologies that can harvest water from unusual sources that include fog and mist. This out of the box thinking came out to meet the increasing demand for water. As we all know that the people living in arid areas will have to undergo drought like condition, our researchers have taken a creative move to find out the solution of the same from nature itself.

Venkata Krishnan, an associate professor at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, quoted, “There is a wide array of plants in arid and semi-arid areas across the world that have the quality to harvest water from fog and dew. They do it with their leaves and if they can, we also make it happen.”

As per the study published in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, the researchers have analyzed the intricate structures on the leaves of Gladiolus dalenii or Dragon’s lily head which is an ornamental plant and also studied about the surface patterns.

There were micrometre and nanometre scales on which the surface patterns on the leaf were estimated as per the properties of water harvesting and the same patterns were transferred like a replica onto a polymer material.

IIT Mandi team has recorded the enhancement of 230 % on the performance of fog harvesting through the patterned samples in comparison to that of unpatterned sample.

The researchers stated that this innovation will not only fix the drinking water issues of various regions in our country but also witness the fact that with nature, we can develop technological innovations and scientific advancement.

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