IIT Mandi introduces UG programme in engineering physics

11 Jun, 2019
IIT Mandi introduces UG programme in engineering physics

From the next academic year starting in August, a new B.Tech programme will be launched by the Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi. This was told by the officials on Thursday.

The School of Basic Sciences (SBS), School of Computing and Electrical Engineering (SCEE) and the School of Engineering (SE) are offering this programme in the IIT Mandi.

In the curriculum of engineering physics, physics will be introduced to students in a wide variety of fields in pure as well as applied forms.

Speaking about the uniqueness of the programme, Pradeep Kumar, who is the course coordinator in the School of Basic Sciences in the IIT Mandi, said that “A Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics will open several career paths in interdisciplinary areas such as Quantum Technology, Photonics, Nano-Electronics and Artificial Intelligence, which are promising to become dominant in the near future.”

He added that the 21st century belongs to interdisciplinary areas and Engineering Physics which will act as a catalyst to bridge the gap between basic science and traditional engineering disciplines. Quantum technology, Artificial Intelligence are some of the next generation technological challenges.

He said further that the programme will enhance the cross-functionalities and will bridge the gap between pure science and traditional engineering disciplines which have been published so far.

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