IIT Madras Students report discrimination for separate entry for vegetarians and non-vegetarians

16 Dec, 2018
IIT Madras Students report discrimination for separate entry

NOIDA:  At IIT Madras, the posters pasted outside the mess indicating separate entry & exit gates and wash basins for vegetarian and non vegetarian students have become the reason of rage among students as they find it discriminatory posture by the college administration. One of the pictures going viral on social media says “Hand Wash Vegetarian Students” while another reads “Winter vacation mess – food arrangements. “Entry/exit non vegetarian food students.”

An official from the mess monitoring and control committee of IIT-M said that he was not aware of the posters. He added that the arrangements took place for the preparation of Jain food, which is prepared without using garlic and onion. According to him, mess monitoring and control committee had no idea about such a discriminatory arrangement on the basis of vegetarian and non-veg food.

As per a research scholar at IIT-M, it all started last year as a demand to cater food to pure vegetarians and has now transformed into total untochability. This is the first time in the history of IIT-M mess that it has separate entries for vegetarians and non vegetarians. If anonymously mentioned statements of the students are believed then even the separate wash basins and utensils have also been arranged in the mess.

Few of the students said that there has been a demand for separate mess for vegetarians from a community of the students ever since last year May after ‘beef festival’ incident. Some students, who claimed to be the supporters of Sangh Parivar ideologies, allegedly thrashed a research scholar for participating in the beef festival.

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