IIT Madras commits to find place in next list of Institutions of Eminence

01 Oct, 2018
IIT Madras commits to find place in next list of institutions of eminence

Noida 1st Oct 2018: Bhaskar Ramamurthi, director of IIT Madras, has expressed his strong conviction towards the presence of IIT Madras on the next list of “institutions of eminence”. He said that this time the institute has not found its place as there were the selections of only three colleges but we will definitely make it next time.

During his interaction with media people, Professor Ramamurthi stated, “The empowered committee has given the list of eight public institutions including IIT Madras. In the first instance, the government has listed only three private and three public institutions. University Grants Commission or UGC has listed the three on the grounds of the QS rankings and we are behind two other IITs. We hope they had used National Institutional Ranking Framework rankings instead.” He also added that IIT Madras would explicitly on the next list.

Former Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami is the head of this empowered committee formed for the selection of these institutions.

IIM Director was also probed about the inclusion of greenfield institutions, which are yet to born, in the list. He replied that the empowered committee is the apex body and they people are prudent enough to know the best reply.

Professor Ramamurthi further quoted that rankings do not matter much when these are survey driven. There is always an option of adding more people in the survey and enhance the ranking. He also added that US and Germany cared least about the global rankings.

Focusing upon the fact that perception is reality, he said, “We are not saying that there is any loss if our institutional ranking gets enhanced. Moreover, getting into the eminence list would enhance 20% extra on their budget.

Denying about the salary difference on the grounds of nationality, Professor Ramamurthi stated, “It would be unfair on the part of most of our faculty that has supported us without demanding for higher salaries. If in any case we have to make salary difference that would surely depend upon the success and performance of the faculty rather than the factor of nationality.

On NIRF front, the professor stated that this ranking system was quite good and widely based on data. He also added that most of the times the ranking of the private institutions is on higher side owing to the consideration of the placement of the students by placement cell. On the other side, various PhD students from IITs got the placements with the help of their guides.

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