IIT Kharagpur M.Tech student says ‘I Quit’ to life

26 Oct, 2018
IIT Kharagpur M.Tech student says ‘I Quit’ to life

Amidst the large number of suicide cases of IIT students across the country, one more incident took place. This time there was the student of IIT Kharagpur, G Amini Reddy, who has taken his life. As per the sources, he was just 24 year old and pursuing M Tech from Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. He was found hanging from the fan in his room at the hotel, as per the information collected by the police.

Reddy comes from the family of farmer in Andhra Pradesh and was sharing his room with one more student. When the incident took place, nobody was there in the room and it was locked from inside. The roommate of Reddy who was unable to find him for quite a long period of time informed the security about the same on October 24 in the night.

The moment the police was given the information, the officials rushed to the site and broke the door as it was locked from inside. The student was found hanging and from the ceiling of the room.

This was not the first or second or third time that the IITian has committed suicide. This suicidal tendency is instilled among the young students owing to the stress and pressure of studies they undergo. It is the high time to consider their mental state and arrange some counselling to calm down their mental imbalance. No matter whether the student is an IIT aspirant or pursuing degree course from IIT, their state of mind must be apprehended.

The Government should direct the institutes to take the sessions of counselling to enhance the morale of the students studying there. The faculty must encourage them to release the stress and learn the things for the sake of enhancing the knowledge. The students who have the suicidal tendency out of depression are supposed to be given proper treatment.

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