IIT KGP Joins Hand with Renowned French Doctoral Network To Encourage Research

07 Oct, 2018
IIT KGP Joins Hand with Renowned French Doctoral Network to Encourage Research

Noida 7th October 2018: IIT Kharagpur, in its quest to reinforce the doctoral education and research, has collaborated with a French network of doctoral schools. The information was disseminated by a statement issued by this renowned Indian engineering institution.

The initiative has been taken by the institutions to encourage the collaboration and interaction between IIT KGP and the doctoral schools of REDOC SPI. IIT KGP is planning to conduct guest visits and semester exchange programmes after this association. It will surely promote the joint research and academic doctoral programmes and the implementation of reciprocal process for the joint supervision of doctoral students.

IIT KGP signed an MoU with French doctoral network on Wednesday in Kolkata.

More to it, IIT KGP and REDOC SPI are planning to add dedicated sections to their websites to disseminate the information about opportunities related to Electrical and Mechanical Engineering doctoral programmes, as per the statement.

The outgoing mobility of doctorate students will be promoted on a reciprocal basis according to the terms defined in the MoU. Indo-French “Raman Charpak Fellowship” programme will be available apart from the other funding programmes available in India and France to fulfil the funding needs of the students while pursuing doctorate programmes under this collaboration.

Anandroop Bhattacharya, Associate Dean, International Relations and Coordinator of collaborative initiative at IIT KGP was quite exhilarated after this association. According to him, this exciting association will help us engage better with 27 doctoral institutions based out in France.

His statement also stated that the joint research in distance and computer-based learning will be carried out by the students from both the countries altogether.

Prof. Hubert Romat, Director, International Relations has been deputed as coordinator from REDOC SPI which is the only France-based network in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, and Physical Engineering.

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