IIT Hyderabad to starts a new Master’s degree program in Development Studies

22 Apr, 2019

Noida – The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad has launched a new master’s degree program in Development Studies. The objective of starting the program is to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to study development among the students. The total duration of the program is 2 year and the program is being offered by the Liberal Arts Department. IIT Hyderabad has released a notification regarding the application form availability. The department is become the first of its kind of India to start the program which will focus on offering the students a formidable and challenging platform which will engage with the contemporary research and professional practice across the country and the world as well. The application process of the program will begin from May 4 and will end on June 4, 2019.

While speaking about the launching the program and its importance, Head of Department of Liberal Arts, IIT Hyderabad, Dr. Haripriya Narasimhan said “The concern with development encompasses all aspects of human life – physical, psychological, cultural, political, economic and ecological. How can we address each of these while simultaneously appraising their interdependence? The challenge is to train and conceive of professionals and roles that can critically inform ways in which these different areas of life affect one another. The Development Studies program at the Department of Liberal Arts, IIT Hyderabad, does just that.” He also added that through its interdisciplinary approach, the course will offer a plurality of ways in which the discourse of Development can be innovatively adapted to the ever-changing fabric of human life.

The new program will open up several career paths to the students. After pursuing the Master’s in Development Studies program, the students will be able to make career in the field such as development practice in grassroots organizations, national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), donor agencies and corporate sector (corporate social responsibility). According to a statement from the Institute, the program will also help those students who are interested in pursuing a career in Civil Services.

Faculty coordinating the different courses in this program comes from disciplines of Anthropology, Development Studies, Economics, Psychology and the Humanities.  Students will do sixteen courses over three semesters, each course worth three credits. The Course has a total of 48 credits of taught courses and 12 credits for dissertation which the students will focus exclusively on, in their final semester. After one year of course work, the candidates will do internship in the summer.

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