IIT Hyderabad Organizes Frontiers of Science

10 Dec, 2018
IIT Hyderabad Organizes Frontiers of Science

NOIDA: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, in collaboration of Indian National Young Academy of Science, is conducting the first Frontiers of Science (FoS) forum brainstorming meeting from 9th December to 11th December 2018. As per the institute, the purpose of organizing the event is to encourage the youth scientists and engineers with amazing competence across the nation to promote cross fertilization of concepts and ideas, transforming into new concepts of science and technology.

FoS is one platform where astonishing talent in the field of science and engineering come together   from different parts of the country. The age of the contestants should be below 45 years and they need to showcase their expertise in six areas namely- Materials Science, Optical Physics, Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Engineering, Soft Matter Science, and Astrophysics.

40 scientists are participating in this contest to fulfill its aim of discussing and collaborating through presentations of exciting advances in one’s own field. Also, the participants get the opportunity to get acquainted with the cutting-edge research of other science and technology based disciplines.

“This FoS Meeting is first-of-its kind and will provide leadership to young scientists of the country,” said Dr Arabinda Mitra, Scientific Secretary, Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India, while inaugurating the contest.

He was concerned about the need for disseminating the science communication to public, which can be the motivational source for the youth and children of the country to opt for science-oriented career.

He said that young scientists have a pivotal role to fix the relevant issues and they also need to transmit the knowledge through innovation, research and education for awareness of the youth.

He also revealed about the development of an online portal in his office which will be a multilingual portal supporting 26 languages for publication of latest scientific journals so that the science can be made accessible to a large extent within the country.

An Inter-session poster presentation is also in the pipeline to enable young post-doctoral researchers and non-speaker participating faculty member to gain abstract of the symposium.

Total 6 technical session and 1 poster session will be organized. After the completion of each session, the participants will involve in the brainstorming to discuss the future prospects and strategies to accomplish the same.

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