IIT Delhi establishes a chair with AI in the honour of IIT alumnus

21 Nov, 2018
IIT Delhi

IIT or Indian Institute of Technology and the professors Soumitra Dutta and Lourdes Casanova have entered into a MoU to form “The Soumitra Dutta Chair in Artificial Intelligence”. Both of them have promised the aid of Rs 1 crore for the same.

The Chair has been given the name of Soumitra Dutta, who is a brilliant alumnus of IIT Delhi, and it is expected to raise the bar of excellence and leadership in the teaching platform and research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. Not only this, the higher level interaction between the faculty and students of IIT Delhi and the industry is also visualized.

Dutta stated, “I am quite obliged to IIT Delhi faculty for the great education they have given to me and I am very much excited to provide by contribution to the future educational excellence of IIT Delhi.”

Lourdes Casanova, an acclaimed academician currently serving at Cornell University, quoted, “The chair identifies the major role of artificial intelligence in nurturing the future of the country and admires the expectations of IIT Delhi for leadership in this important platform.”

Dutta is the holder of a B.Tech degree in the stream of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering  from IIT Delhi in the year of 1985 and has gained a Ph.D in the field of Computer Science from the University of California in Berkeley.

Dutta is well known for being the creator of the Global Innovation Index which has now turned as the world standard among other innovation indices.

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