IIT aspirants’ suicidal row extends with one more suicide by a 16-year old Student

25 Oct, 2018
IIT aspirants’ suicidal row extends

Noida: On October 24, Vishal Singh, a 16 year old student who belongs to the state of Uttar Pradesh, has committed suicide. He was the aspirant of IIT JEE exams and was undergoing the coaching classes from the reputable institute of Kota. The youth was from Fauzipur which is near Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh. He was found hanging in a room that was on rent in Vigyan Nagar.

ASI, Vigyan Nagar Kota, Sumer Singh Punia has thrown some light on this incident stating that the body of the youth was found in a room. There is not any confirmation of the suicide note to be present at the place. The similar suicide incident happened last month when a medical aspirant from Kota who was trying to crack NEET had taken her life.

Kota is quite acclaimed place for the students who are aspiring to crack engineering and medical exams and is one of the best coaching destination. The students and aspirants of various competitive exams especially JEE and NEET visit Kota every year for undergoing the best training classes. On one side where the place is befitted for the preparation of JEE and NEET exams, the flip side is darker one owing to the increasing number of suicide cases of the students.

As per the sources, the number of students and aspirants who have committed suicide in Kota has reached to 12 students which is quite disappointing and saddening. However, the deaths of the two students who were found in a canal are yet to be confirmed and thus is not included in it. According to the thought process of most of the experts, the major cause is the inappropriate counselling and improper psychological guidance that lead some of the students preparing for the exams in the coaching centers at Kota to take the depressing step of taking their lives.

Two years ago, there was an independent body that has organized a study and found that the students and the aspirants badly suffer from homesickness and severe depression. Most of them would even have to take the dark path that includes intake of drugs and unprotected sex. This is because of the level of pressure they have to undergo in absence of adequate counselling. Not only this, the experts have also indicated on the issues like lack of appropriate amenities and improper psychological support that drive the students to end their lives.

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