IIM Ahmedabad grads fly high in India, says IIM – A Placement Audit Report 2018

18 Sep, 2018
IIM - A Placement Audit Report 2018

IIM Ahmedabad grads fly high in India – As per IIM-Ahmedabad placement report for 2018, 72 lakhs per annum is the highest domestic offer since 2011. Not only this, it has also embarked the highest figure since 2011 on average salary front that is 24.44 lakh per annum. All in all this year is proved to be the jackpot for B- school students.

On the other hand, there is a downfall in the international salary offer this year and it has slipped to US $ 100,000 per annum for the first time since 2011. 2014 was the boom year for international B- school students to whom the highest salary offered was $ 192,581per annum. On an average, the international salary was $ 75,005 per annum. In the year 2018, it has gone down to $ 73,013.

The international placements in the year 2011 and 2012 were 24 and 40 respectively which has experienced a breakdown in the year 2017 when the figure was 18. However, this year, total 16 placements are made to the overseas locations like Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Hong Kong. No UK or US placements this year.

IIM – A placement chairperson, Prof Amit Karna stated that the current placement trend indicates the sign of effective economic growth in the country and the golden doors of opportunities are all set to grab the best talent.

He further added “Placements witness the actual demand and economic trends. Therefore, the figures can be accounted for the overseas policies”.

Further discussing about the employers and placement match, Prof Amit Karna added that there is an increment of 36% in the highest package and 8% in average package in comparison to the year 2017. This indicates how much the placement system will get benefitted with the best match between employers and the students.

Focusing upon other important factors, he said “the updated course work and the trust of the industry in our pedagogy also play a vital role.” He also gave clarity on the fact that the quality of placements cannot be assessed by the highest or average salary figures. It would be the best if both the employers and the students are satisfied.

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