Hygiene Scams Hits the Storage Area in Lucknow University

21 Sep, 2018
Lucknow University kitchen

Noida, 21st September– The Food Safety and Drug Administration team has been driven by a keen research and discovered the rats and rat left over in the storage area for food grains to the astonished inspection in the Central mess at Lucknow University. Uncovered food grains, rice, pulses and flour instead of being sheltered in air tight containers were kept in a pathetic condition.

The team acquainted with the remorse after a keen inspection of the University where they found all the food materials lying open without being stored or generated in containers and sacks where no pests can get control of the same. The issue glares a lot of eyes as it not only talks about the Lucknow University but many other reputed and unpopular institutional hostels and messes in the country which need proper introspection and then the effective resolution for the same.

The inspection team of FSDA on Wednesday, headed by TR Rawat as the designated officer of the same have come to the conclusion that a proper improvement notice will be posed forward to the University mess so that the fault never repeats in future making the lives of young generation come at stake. Moreover, proper advices of pest and termite control have been brought into consideration of the University mess to let the hygiene and health ties get tangled.

According to further information of the undergone speculations, a whole area inside the mess was found waterlogged with no proper sewage system installed. Although after several allegation of worms and insects being found in the cooked food and raw materials, it was proved that the weather played a huge role and so did the unkempt conditions of the place. Although any bad condition food for storage faults or unhygienic cooking conditions may affect the health of the students studying and with it cite huge problems in their aims and goals before or during their examinations and also on the same note affect their well being as well.

With a concluding full stop to the remarks and allegations, the LU’s proctor Vinod Singh had confirmed the result of the inspection by the team of the FSDA okay with issues in the storage of besan, atta, dal, and other raw materials without any issues in the cooked food or the quality of the materials cooked for the students residing in the mess.

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