HRD Proclaimed Reimbursements for Children With Disabilities

03 Dec, 2018
HRD Proclaimed Reimbursements for Children With Disabilities

The Human Resource Development Ministry, Satyapal Singh in New Delhi on December 2’ 2018 has proclaimed directions to all the students of all the schools that there will be reimbursements on the expenditures on books, transportation and uniforms of the children with physical disabilities.

There are a total of 12 million disabled individuals across the country among whom only a mere percentage go to school. The HRD has been decisive on the matter at an award ceremony organized by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People and Mindtree.

His words included that the disabled must not be sympathized but must be dealt with empathy and what they actually need is the real empowerment which would come through education and to ensure the same is a great challenge, is what his words meant in the Hellen Keller Awards 2018.

HRD Mr. Singh has also proclaimed that the girl child will be paid Rs. 200 every month along with 5% concession on the admission of the disabled students in all the educational bodies who are eager towards learning.

The HRD minister is purely aimed towards ensuring all the students their rights. Not only this, he has also stood up with the fact that not only the disabled students but the supporters along with the ambassadors must also be appreciated for their work.

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